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Chanel Handbag
Photo by Vladimir Yelizarov von Unsplash

Chanel: exclusivity, craftsmanship and quality that in one Bag culminate. These are the attributes that Chanel can expect, but what if the purchase is not the real thing? Expectations are in vain, the quality is moderate and the exclusivity is lost. In this case, it is very likely that it is a fake. Who his Bag Such falsification usually only recognizes only over time, if at all. Fake Chanel bags are becoming increasingly spread. These counterfeits represent one of the greatest threats in the world of luxury handbags. In this article we show how to check Chanel handbags for their authenticity. In addition to the obvious characters, such as a defective quality of structure, leather and color, we also address the small details here, which you can see whether it is really the original. You can see an original from these characteristics Bag the Chanel brand. 

1. The material:

Chanel Use only exquisite materials of the finest quality to produce the bags, such as a variety of leather types but also high -quality fabrics such as tweed. The calf leather (caviar leather) and the lambser are particularly popular. The classic smooth lamb leather is softer compared to caviar leather, has a smooth appearance and is homogeneous. While the caviar leather is scrolled and often mentioned more robust and scratch -resistant. The caviar leather is characterized by its fine surveys, which are in black "Caviar" remember. To a real one Chanel Bag It should first be checked whether it consists of real or synthetic leather. Correctors are often made of cheap materials, which can be seen from the chemical smell.

"The caviar leather is characterized by its fine surveys, which in black"Caviar" remember."

Our most beautiful Chanel bags Caviar Leather:

2. The seams:

All seams on one Chanel Bag are extremely precisely worked and even in their appearance. The stitches of a single seam are an indication of whether it is an original. As a rule, there are 11 stitches in a seam. Falsifications generally point out fewer stitches, which makes the quilting appear bluntly and unevenly. The iconic quilted pattern, also called Quilt, is sewn with the machine and is therefore always perfect, continuously and runs in a line. Both at the back of a Bag A seamless transition can be seen in the attached compartment as well as at the front of the flap. The seams are crooked? Sews come loose? In both cases, a fake. Things that "can happen" with some other brands are prohibited from Chanel. Perfection to the last seam is required.

3. The mass:

Figures rarely hold the exact mass of a real chanel Bag a. It is worth comparing with the masses of an original. Only if they agree can it be an original. In addition to the basic masses, building a fake is often different. The easiest way to recognize such differences is by comparing with original representations, e.g. from the official Chanel website. 

4. CC closure front:

With the classic Chanel closure and the Chanel CC Signet itself, the left C is always above the right C in the lower area. In the upper area, the left C is below the right C. The classic CC closure can also fail flat . Some classic CC closures have a kind of "inserted stamp" on one of the CS. Its placement and appearance vary depending on the year of production. This “character” also indicates that the Bag was manufactured in France. With classic Chanel bags that were produced in Italy, this “character” is completely missing. The color of the hardware, including the zippers and screws, is uniform and does not fade even after a longer period of time.

5. CC closure back:

If you Bag If you open, you can see on the back of the lock that a metal plate is attached by two screws. It should be noted here that Chanel only uses flat head or hexagon screws. The lettering on the plate is clean, clear and engraved with a even distance. 

6. The Chanel brand stamp:

The branded stamp is a good way to the authenticity of a Chanel Bag to confirm. It is important to pay attention to the font and the quality of the stamp. Some imitations use a thinner font so that the stamp is on the leather instead of being stamped into it. The position of the embossed Chanel logo is another feature. It should sit one and a half centimeters under the quilted C, whereby the width of the CS and the distance between them should be 0.9 cm. The width of a real Chanel logo is 3.3 cm.

Our most beautiful Chanel bags made of Lambskin leather:

7. The Chanel chain:

The chain developed by Karl Lagerfeld with the leather strap running into it became a trademark of Chanel. In order to authenticate a real chain, it is important to examine weight, processing and leather. First to the weight. The high -quality material of the original convinces with a significantly higher weight than that of the (most) counterfeits. The processing of the individual chain parts is (mostly) poor in the event of a fake. So there are gaps in the rings where they are not completely closed. This large space is widespread in all counterfeits. Last but not least, it is important to look at the leather in the chain. Does this stink of chemicals? Or does it have poor seams? In such cases, it is very likely to be a fake. 

8. The zipper:

The zipper is stuck or is defective? This case is very unlikely for an original, it is part of everyday life in the event of a fake. Just as with the seams, there is an unrestricted perfection when it comes to zipper, deviations are strong indicators that it is a fake. In addition, Chanel has repeatedly used different zippers over time. Many counterfeits become careless here, so that the imitation zipper does not match, for example, the date of manufacture or model. The zipper types used by Chanel are the EP, the Lampo and the YKK type. In their appearance, everyone has special features, which counterfeiters often do not copy perfectly. For example, the lampo type is in the Chanel Timeless used, while the YKK and the EP type are each equipped with a pull-tag made of leather. The YKK type will often be found in older models. If the zipper is not for Bag fits, it is a warning signal that should be observed. 

9. Serial number & authenticity card:

Many buyers are convinced that a Chanel Bag With hologram sticker, bill and authenticity card (Id) must be real. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case! Conspires have now also adopted these characteristics and a distinction is sometimes not so easy.

A real chanel authenticity card, also called the ID card, must be black and feel like a credit card. Interested materials often use counterfeit. If the card can be easily bent, is thin or even has a rainbow effect, it is a fake. The rainbow effect was never part of the original ID card.

Another risk is different ID cards, invoices and bags. So ID card and invoice may even be real, but the ID of the card is not right with the ID of the Bag match. Therefore, the Chanel serial numbers should always be compared in order to avoid such fraud. From 2005, the authenticity card was provided with a light gray circle at the top right. With many fake cards, the circle is rather white.

"According to the first digit (s), Chanel Classics also speaks of" Series "bags, for example a real 1 series from 1989-1991."

Initially, Chanel used white plastic stickers, the serial number and thus the manufacturing year were printed into a declaration area. These stickers stick well on the leather and are so thin that a separation makes them illegible and clearly reveals the pull -out attempts. The principle remained mostly unchanged until the turn of the millennium, and then foiled, perforated stickers have been used since then. The attempt to dissolve these stickers from the leather leads to destruction and thus also to the illness of the seals.

Below is an overview of the ongoing Chanel serial numbers and the readable manufacturing years. According to the first digit (s), Chanel Classics also speaks of "Series" bags, for example a real 1 Series from 1989-1991. Likewise, example photos show how the stickers have changed in detail over the years. If the sticker deviates from the norm in your chanel, you should consider a professional check.





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2018 - 2019


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2000 - 2002


1997 - 1999


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1994 - 1996


1991 - 1994


1989 - 1991


1986 - 1988


10. Summary:

The most important distinguishing features of a real ChanelBag are processing, material quality, mass as well as the seal in the interior and the authenticity card. If all the characteristics do not indicate a fake, the probability of falsification is lower. Unfortunately, there are now so -called superfashes, here a fake in rare cases cannot be seen with this check. If you want to be quite sure, you should be with your supposed Chanel Bag consult an independent expert. If he already had many real Chanel bags in his hands, even the smallest deviations will notice him. But don't worry, with this knowledge you can already see 99.8 % of all plagiarism and can be sure of high quality.

If you are still worried or have any questions, we will be happy to help you. We also offer the opportunity to check your bags for authenticity in the house. Simply sit down with us via e-mail Or like to contact you by phone, hopefully we can also clear up the last doubt about the authenticity of your piece of jewelry.

You can also find more information about our service here. :)

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