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Bottega Veneta - Photo by Bibi Pace on Unsplash
Photo by Modern Affliction of Unsplash.

The timeless designs of the traditional Italian company Bottega Veneta are also required as second -hand purchases and have a unique selling point in the luxury segment with their subtle appearance without mentioning the brand on the outside alone. You are lucky enough to have a real Bottega Veneta Bag To be able to call your own or plan the purchase of one? If you have the need to check your choice for your authenticity before or after buying, you are welcome to consider the following points of view that will also help our team: 

The bags of the, Intrecciato Collection are unique on the market and also models such as the Padded Casette Find Rain in the world of fashion and are symbolically for their design. Both fashion chains and clever counterfeiters of luxury products are inspired by the designs of the house. The iconic Bottega Veneta, Padded cassette For example, imitations in the relevant starting addresses for young fashion enthusiasts and is also traded as a fake in backyards. Of course, none of the two options can be reached to the Italian original. Therefore, an original is a must for everyone who value high quality.

It is also obvious that the noble products of Italian craftsmanship are designed to live a long life, whereas the vast majority of falsifications quickly bless the time. Are compared to the original Copies overpriced, because they are still traded at high prices due to the naming of the brand and the design that is copied down to the details. But the price is in no relationship to product quality, that is many times lower than with an original. 

Tomas Maier, long -time creative boss of the house, noticed the following about the expensive, designed under his direction in an interview with the star in 2007 Original to them are in relation to what we do. If you have four layers of the best leather over day to one Bag Processed that is soft and yet stable, then the money costs. One of our most popular pockets, the "Cabat", is made in Italy. The skin comes from Naples, Italian women and men braid them together. They get very good wages. I have to pay a seamstress in Italy 28 euros per hour. And there. there is no material yet. " 

If you look at the tender price of some brazen counterfeits, there can only be a advice: Buy an original. Whether new or as a second -hand purchase is secondary: the purchase price of counterfeits is reduced to quasi with the purchase due to its illegal origin. It is also Questionable whether you can return a fake if you don't like it. In many cases, the counterfeiters try to avoid exchanges for exchanges or do not react to questionable online purchases.

AUTHENTICITY CHECK Bottega Veneta components

1. The material:

The braided pockets of the Intrecciato collection have all the characteristics to locate them in the top segment. Both the materials and the processing quality are at the highest level. So you should feel that yours Bag The basic feeling does not feel ready and therefore does not meet your expectations, this could already be a first indication of a fake. The leather of the braided bags can be used in used Condition have slight traces of use on the edges, The high level of precision work is always noticeable in originals and another basis for the authenticity of a Bottega Veneta Bag.

2. The seams:

Here too is Bottega Veneta Not the bleed. The bags have a high level of accurate processing quality. Both outside and in the interior, the seams should not have any abnormalities. And thus meet your own requirements.

3. Reiss closures & hardware:

The tear closures of the bags have a high production quality. Many pockets of the label are from the shortcoming manufacturer, Riri ”. The name of the name is inconspicuously on the underside of the zipper and can increase the likelihood that you hold an original in your hands. The supplier has its headquarters in Switzerland and, with its network of production facilities in Italy and Switzerland, offers the necessary know -how to be able to act as a supplier in the luxury segment. The tear closures of the bags can close the bags in both a silver and a golden variant.

4. The interior:

Is the zipper of a Bottega Veneta Bag Open, the high -quality impression continues in the interior. The seams are clean and no adhesive residues around the seams should be recognizable. The many years of experience and the good training of the company employees make such abnormalities almost impossible and malfunctions of this kind can be excluded in the case of originals. The interior of the bags can have been equipped with different materials, most often Alcantara is used in a combination with leather details. Canvas solutions and full -leather variants are also in circulation, but less often.

5. Datacodes & model number:

A look into the interior of a Bag. There are several aspects to consider here: has the Bag A label? Mostly in the interior of one of the inner compartments, Bottega Veneta have a non -drained, white fabric label in one of the seams that, in addition to the name, also wears a printed, mostly two -line code on the front and a single code on the back. This code should have the following structure and consists of these components:

1. Line:  

Model number


Leather type


Color code

EPEV Location
2. Line:  
2007 Manufacturing year
5638 a

Batch number

On the back side:  

serial number

The different positions of the entire code provide information about the respective model number of a Bag, the exact type of leather, the color of the leather, the year of manufacture, the number of the production hinge and an individual serial number. Older bags also like to have a sign with a single code that only calls the latter, long serial number.

The absolute large of all real Bottega Veneta bags also has a leather sign in the interior with a embossing of the company name. This embossing should be clean, do not dodge on the edges and show no doubles. Likewise, real signs are characterized by an exact positioning of the embossing and also by a precise adjustment of the sign itself.

If you are still worried or have any questions, we will be happy to help you. We also offer the opportunity to check your bags for authenticity in the house. Simply sit down with us via e-mail Or like to contact you by phone, hopefully we can also clear up the last doubt about the authenticity of your piece of jewelry.

You can also find more information about our service here :) or contact us for more information about Authenticity Check Bottega Veneta.

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