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We all love good business because who doesn't want to save one or the other franc? We know that the upcoming Black Friday can be quite confusing, overwhelming and even a little dangerous if we don't be careful. Here are 10 tips on how to get your Black Friday with Secondhandbags make an unforgettable shopping experience.

1. The early bird catches the worm

Get exclusive access to our early access black friday Sale! Register now to take a look at the incredible offers of our bags 24 hours before the official start of sales. This exclusive preview ensures that you will receive a lead to get the Sale-Articles to discover in front of everyone else.

2. Knowledge, plan, execute

Make yourself in advance with our shop and the offer Luxury handbags Trust and research thoroughly to optimize your shopping experience. In addition, make sure that you can go to the cash register quickly on the day of purchase by set up an online account in advance to shorten the time until your order is completed.

3. Create a wish list

Create a wish list with all the things you want. So you keep an overview and may even be able to make a few bargains. Top tip: try bags (how Hermes and Chanel) to buy that are usually not on offer. In this way, you are ready to hit when there is a discount.

4. Invest in timeless elegance

Think of the long -term game. Consider buy a timeless designer bag that is also an investment. In our shop you will find an abundance of fantastic Investment goodsfrom which you can choose. It is not just a purchase, but a future heirloom that you can either sell later or pass on as a stylistic herit. Fashionable thinking in its best form!

5. Get to know our website

Place a bookmark on our website and familiarize yourself with her a few days in advance. Take a look where our newcomers or sales items can be found etc. Do not get lost in the online shopping game on the big day. Also note that we have a 100%for everything we sell Authenticity guarantee offer! 


If you accidentally missed the pop-up, you will find the link here to register as a VIP and early access to our Black-FridaySale to obtain.


6. come prepared

An charged device and a fast internet connection are your loyal companions at this online shopping adventure. Do not let the delay to be the villain of yours Black Friday-Saga.

7. Come to us in business

If you want a more personal shopping experience, our friendly and expert staff are available in the shop at any time. We know that some people prefer a traditional shopping experience, and we are always happy when we can accommodate them. Come along and see for yourself why so many people like to buy in our shop.

8. Follow us on social media 

Switch on the profile notifications to see our bag highlights, deal tips and inspiration for trendy styles.

9. Chat with us

If you are unsure about something, chat with us! At the bottom right of the corner we have a chat symbol to click on either by email, Facebook or WhatsApp in real time. Our team is ready to help you :).

10. Treat yourself

And the most important thing: have fun! It's not just about the offers, but also about the process. Enjoy the joy of a well -deserved purchase.











“Shopping is my training”

-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

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Remember: in the world of Girl Math Everything is justified! If you have one Bag Return for the amount X and then issue twice for another article, you basically only spend half, right? And of course it is an absolutely valid strategy to buy more to avoid shipping costs. The most important thing is that it makes absolutely sense for them. Have fun shopping and have fun calculating with fabulous finds!

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